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Star Cauldron Pendant - Pewter

Star Cauldron Pendant - Pewter
Star Cauldron Pendant - Pewter
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The cauldron is a symbol of transmutation, germination, and transformation. Above all they symbolize the Goddess and also represent the womb; on an altar they represent earth as they are a working tool. The Cauldron bestows wisdom, death, and rebirth. They act as a source of the practice of baptism - entering into the womb of the Mother and being reborn anew.

Our charming Star Cauldron Pendant can be enjoyed as a necklace or used as an altar piece when not being worn. Wicca and the skills of the Witch are honored through this pendant.

A popular piece with Wiccan and pagans, the
Star Cauldron Pendant
is cast from 100% lead-free pewter.

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