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Spiral Energy Wand
Spiral Energy Wand
Item# W40
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10" long

This is a Magic Wand of both subtle and powerful energies mingled with the timeless beauty of Spirals.

From the most ancient times, Spirals have been among the most sacred of symbols in most cultural traditions. Ancient Standing Stones and the stones of NewGrange are adorned with Spirals. Even the DNA within every cell in your body is a spiral. Spirals are at the very core of all life on Earth.

The Spiral Energy Wand's graceful, open spirals cradle a 30mm stone or crystal sphere. The spirals flowing around the sphere call up Water Energy, this is an excellent Wand for all Spell work related to flow, gradual, smooth change, growth and healing. This is a very popular Magic Wand with Reiki Healers and Psychics. The spiraling shaft amplifies the energy of the other spirals. A Healing Wand that is both powerful and graceful.

The Spiral Energy Wand is made of the finest 100% Lead-Free Pewter, for beauty, strength and conductivity.

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