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Oak Grove Wand
Oak Grove Wand
Item# W77
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10" long

A simple and elegant wooden Magic Wand that calls forth Sacred Goves and ancient Earth Mysteries. Three Oak leaves clasp the sphere at the top of the Wand, a single Oak leaf also adorns the bottom of this Wand. The Oak wood shaft is a rich golden color and the characteristic Oak grain is clearly visible. Oak is a sacred wood in many traditions and cultures.

The Oak Grove Wand is an excellent Wand for all types of Spell work. The Earthy energy of this Wand provides solid, grounding for any type of magical workings. A Wand that echoes the countless ancient rituals in sacred groves.

The Oak Grove Wand is carefully crafted in 100% Lead-Free Pewter, this fine Pewter gives strength, conductivity, and beauty.

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